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Pour moi, ce terme 'pop' est comme une barre de céréales. Tu l'achètes parce que tu l'aimes, tu le manges un coup, et puis tu jettes le papier. Il n'a pas un sens ou une valeur à long terme.

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Bender - FuturamaA ghost cat haunts a house…

A woman known as 'AdelaisV' has told that the last house where she has lived was haunted by a ghost cat… The following testimony has been published on Reddit.

Witness report:

Our last house had a ghost cat in it. We have two (live) cats, a black one who is old and can't jump on anything higher than the couch, and a crazy white cat.

I'd often be working around the house and 'see' our black cat at my feet, reach down to pet him and he wasn't there. After a quick search I'd find him in an entirely different part of the house having a snooze. For the longest time, I just assumed it was my eyes playing tricks on me.

Then one time I was at the kitchen sink, doing dishes, and in my peripheral vision, I see our black cat jump up onto the counter beside me. I even heard the muffled thump when he landed on the counter top and felt a bump on my arm as he headbutted me. He hadn't been able to jump that high in a couple years so of course I turned to fully look at him and...nothing. No cat, empty counter.

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