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Bender - FuturamaLarge cigar-shaped UFO over St Croix, Canada

On July 23, 2017, a glowing cigar-shaped UFO has been caught over Saint Croix, a rural community in York County, New Brunswick, Canada.

Witness report:

I was taking some photos of the milky way. and had just set up my camera and had taken a few shots, at F3.5 25 sec. at 2500. I had live view on and just tuned to my right and when I did I saw this huge white object overhead. It was very very white, but did not hurt the eyes. It was the whitest thing I have every seen. I was shocked for a few seconds, then I tried to get my camera off the tripod. I couldn't see to change the settings, and it was almost gone, so I switched my camera to movie mode and took a series of single shots. It disappeared and after a few minutes I put my camera back on the tripod and took a few more shots of the stars and the milky way. When I processed the files the next day, I found that it was also in one of the milky way shots. It looks vertical in all the shots I took, but when I saw it, it was horizontal. crescent shaped and had a very small tail(?) in the centre. I don't know what else to call it. but it was just notable not very large. Because I had a small lens on and it was almost gone, I didn't get any really good shots, but if they are enlarged you can see it, and it is better in the milky way shot even if it is farther away. I was disappointed that I didn't get a closeup, but I was pleased to see it. I have raw files of the photos. If you would like I can email jpeg of them. If you want the raw files I can send them some other way. They are too big for internet.

When I saw the photos I went on line to see where to send them. I found

National UFO and sent them there. I thought it was the same as mufon.

sorry about that.

I have cropped them all except the one with the milky way

My exif files show the time as 10.06. but this was a mistake as I didn't reset my time after a vacation. It was 11:06 pm


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