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Bender - FuturamaUFO like TR-3B seen in night sky over Manchester, Maryland

On March 10, 2018, an inhabitant living in Manchester, Maryland saw a triangular-shaped UFO with three lights at each side. According to witness, it looked like the infamous TR-3B.

Witness report:

This sighting occurred from around 11:57 to 12 Midnight I was sitting inside my house by my deck door. I noticed a light in the corner of my eye coming from outside through the trees. I saw a flying object casting a bright light with smaller blinking lights around it. I thought it was just a plane, but as it approached I knew if it was indeed a plane, it definitely wasn't an ordinary one. As it got closer I was expecting to hear the sound of a regular plane engine and all that, but I wasn't hearing anything. I decided to take a step outside on my deck to get a better view and listen closely. I still couldn't hear much. I didn't notice any noise until it was about 75-90 degrees over my head. It gave off a quiet hum/buzz that sounded like a plane engine, but it was extremely quiet and smooth. It continued flying in a straight line, coming from the NW and continuing SE, and as it was directly over me (a couple hundred feet at the most) I noticed two white lights to either side of it that weren't blinking, one red light on its front, and one white light on its back/bottom, and both the red and white light were alternating blinks. I could see the outline of it, and it was definitely a triangular shape. After researching a little the only thing I found is a TR-3B or a B-2. It's just very unusual timing, and we've never had anything like this fly over before. We've actually seen some larger fighter jets fly over during the day once or twice, but nothing like this. And I'm not too sure of this but having it coming from the NW where I am located just seems different.


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