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La langue est pour moitié un miroir, pour moitié un grimoire, elle est ombre et clarté et il faut l'accepter dans sa dichotomie sous peine de n'y rien voir faute de contrastes.

(Jacques Ferron)


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Bender - FuturamaA hunter sees a Bigfoot in Idaho, on October 2016

On October 7, 2016, a witness was hunting near the town of Pocatello, Bingham County, Idaho. He thinks he took a picture of a Bigfoot.

The man has told his story on BFRO website:

I was hunting in southeast Idaho in the fall of 2016. I saw a moose cross the road and took a few pictures of it. The moose was walking up hill into a brush patch. The moose put his head down as he went into the brush. I was taking pictures through my spotting scope. I was whistling to try to get the moose to stop so I could get a good picture. My whistles were returned by something. 5 whistles. I know it wasn't the moose that whistled back at me. There was something in that brush patch. I could see eyes in the brush patch. I got a couple pictures but they are fairly grainy pictures.

I found a 17" hair the year before near a dead moose. There are at least 4 dead moose or cows in this draw. These have been dead for at least a year. Bones are scattered about.

My Dad and his brother saw what they thought was a Bigfoot about 5-8 miles south from this location about 1945.

They said it was well above the willows. The willows were about 6 feet tall.

Screams have been heard.


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