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Tout d'un coup je me suis rendu que ce petit joli pois bleu, était la Terre. J’ai fermé un œil et mis mon pouce en face de moi, mon pouce couvrait toute la planète terre. Je ne me suis pas senti géant. Je me suis senti très, très petit.

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Bender - FuturamaCurious UFO captured in Palm Springs on September 2000

Recently, a website specialized on UFO phenomenon, UFOCasebook  has received a curious email about an unidentified flying object photographed by a Japanese tourist (from Tokyo) who was visiting the city of Palm Spring (Arizona) on September 2000 …


In September 2000, I was traveling around Route 66 in Arizona and took a photograph with a strange object in it.

Actually I was just taking pictures of the scenery. So I was not aware of that flying object then.

The reason why I'm going to report to you is that I want to find pictures of a similar shaped UFO.

The aperture value is f16 and shutter speed is 1/160. That is "pan-focus," so that means the flying object is moving so fast.

I was looking for the similar one in your web site, but could not find it.

Please let me know if you have any info about it and hope this would be helpful for your work.

Camera - FinePixS1Pro

Thanks and Best Regards

Yasuhiko Otani

Tokyo, Japan


U.F.O. - - - CC-BY

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