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Bender - FuturamaBalloon-shaped object spotted in Bellbrook, Ohio

On June 18, 2019, at about 6:15pm, a witness saw an incredible balloon-shaped UFO in the sky above Bellbrook, Ohio.

Eyewitness statement:

During an evening walk i saw a bright white object far up in the sky. it was stationary. a plane or jet of some kind was flying very close to the area of the object. the direction i was looking and where the object was is the general area of wright patterson afb. as i looked around i saw another similar object a short distance away from the first. it was the same shape/size and also was stationary.

My local news station (whio.Com) had a short article about the object the next day (6-19-19). the air force claimed not to know what the object was and the national weather service said it wasn't a balloon. two companies (loon balloon was one) reported it wasn't their balloons either.

This is a link to the news story: https://www.Whio.Com/news/local/bright-white-dot-sky-raises-questions/dlylxb9uzsvojcrmcdazmo/

At first i thought the object was a type of balloon, but it never moved. it was already pretty high up when i spotted it! the cloud cover eventually overtook the object.

The first picture is what i took with my cellphone camera. i zoomed in with my photo editor. the second and third pictures are both of the area where i spotted the object.

I'm curious to know if anyone else has seen an object like this or can tell me what it was? i've never seen anything like it before!


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