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Bender - FuturamaThree bright UFO spotted in 1987 in Floresville, TX

On October 1, 1987, three star-lights objects appeared in night sky over Floresville, Texas. They shoot off in three directions simultaneously.

Eyewitness statement:

First of all, this happened back in 1987, i was a junior in high school, it's now 2019, so 32 years ago. i remember what happened like it was yesterday, but i can't place the time of night or the date. to lay a frame work, i lived out in the country during this time frame, about 30 miles outside of san antonio, tx. my nearest neighbor was probably 1/2 mile away. i lived on 17 acres with my parents, horses, cows, chickens, the typical country life. we moved out to the country from san antonio city life in the summer of 1984, so i knew/know both city living and country living. as for me, i was the average texas country boy. i had a truck, rode a horse, played football, did country chores, stuff like that, but i've always been interested in the stars & planets and figured we weren't alone in this universe. so on any given night, especially weekends when i was home (not out doing high school boy stuff), i would be out sitting on my tailgate or laying in the bed of my truck looking up at the stars. i had a little cheap telescope, enough to see the moon or mars well enough, just not much beyond that. i had books on stars and constellations so i was familiar with stars and planets and constellations. by no means a pro and i don't think even an intermediate for this type of stuff, but enough to know the difference between celestial objects. i also know my planes and such. again, for as long as i can remember, i've always wanted to be an air force pilot. my favorite plane being the f-15 eagle. i knew about lift and bleed air back in 6th grade. back in the day i knew about all types of aircraft, especially usaf fighter & cargo planes (my step-father worked for lockheed and worked on c130's). so with all this, i think i'm of average or above average intelligence. i took all the hardest classes (my electives were physics & pre-calculus) at my high school and was able to graduate 13th in my class. i went to my area (san antonio) junior college and started taking all the courses needed for a math degree. no degree, life changed courses for me and now i'm a police officer for the city of san antonio. just trying to lay a frame work as to what i saw in comparison as to who i am. in other words, i'm not a flake. lol. so on this particular night, i would say was a weekend or maybe during the summer. i don't remember the exact day. like many other nights, i would look up at the stars. i'd see planes, fast-ish moving blips of light with the usual red or green blinking tail/wing lights, easily distinguishable. then i would see the usual satellite streaking at a semi slow pace across the night sky. like a little star moving in a straight line. of course the occasional shooting star burning up in the atmosphere. now on this particular night while laying in the back of my truck i happened to see 3 little stars in a little triangle shape i would guess to say. i say stars because that's what they looked like. little dots, like looking at a constellation. i don't know what caught my attention about them but i was just looking at them for a few moments, the all of a sudden, these three little stars just jet off, like at hyper sonic speeds, in 3 different directions simultaneously. this was faster than any jet i've ever seen. there was no trail or tail, like a shooting star has. for lack of better words, it was 3 stars shooting off in 3 different directions until out of sight. it's not like i could watch all three at the same time, because of the directions they traveled and the distance they got from each other. it happened pretty quick. i was in awe and immediately ran inside my house just because i was also scared. i can't tell you what they were. from my experience, these weren't any airplanes. i don't know or didn't know of any airplanes that had that speed. off and on, i'll watch the history ch or some science channel and see a ufo type documentary and i'll recount what i saw that night. it go me to thinking that maybe mufon would like to know my story. i don't expect anything of this, other than to share what i saw. i don't have any evidence to share, no proof. i'm sure i told my parents the next day (since it happened late at night and i'm sure they were asleep). that was the only time, living out there in the country that i saw "stars" do anything like that.


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