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C'est ma thèse que les soucoupes volantes sont réelles, et que ce sont des vaisseaux spatiaux venant d'un autre système solaire. Je pense qu'ils sont peut-être pilotés par des observateurs intelligents qui appartiennent à une race qui étudie notre planète depuis des siècles.
(Hermann Oberth)


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Bender - FuturamaHuge UFO creates a rainbow in Scotland

On March 2017, a huge UFO creates an incredible rainbow over Scotland. What happened?

Scott C. Waring claims:

Here is an older sighting that I had never seen before, so I will post it here. A UFO cloud was seen back in March of 2017 over Scotland and as it passed over a hill...a colorful thick rainbow appeared linking the ground to the UFO. I believe that the UFO was of course beaming people and supplies down to an underground base about 4-6km below the ground. An incredible once in a lifetime sighting. In my 15 years of reporting UFOs, I have never seen a UFO that created a rainbow. I have seen them in the rainbow or near it, but this is a first.


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