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L'apprentissage de la modération devient plus aisé quand on sait que la mort viendra au moindre abus.
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Bender - Futurama2 or 3 sets of lights spotted in Colorado Springs

On October 19, 2019, in the afternoon, a man witnessed 2 or 3 sets of lights flying over the city of Colorado Springs, near the mountain.

Eyewitness statement:

This is the fourth night in a row that my family and i witnessed something odd occurring in the sky outside our home. this was the most astounding thing we had witnessed.Over the last few days we had witnessed these lights in the sky over our house flying around. i've caught multiple on video performing these amazing maneuvers that i've never seen from any regular aircraft. the best i could describe the movements would be like a mouse cursor. just otherworldly. so last night there were five lights in the sky around our house. my fiance and i stayed in the backyard for about an hour while we observed these various lights in the sky. i stared at one of them for a really long while, and i swear to you that i felt something deep in my chest while i looked at it. now this could have just been simple nervousness as i couldn't believe what i was seeing. this thing was moving very rapidly. i did get the sense though that it was perhaps conscious to the fact that i was watching it. after we got our fill of watching the lights, we went back inside the house, and i went to do the dishes. i finished up right at midnight and decided to go back outside to see if i could spot any more lights. to my astonishment, i saw these two massive sets of horizontal lights. one had red/yellowish lights across and the one next to it, hovering slightly higher had what i perceived to be white/greenish lights. i immediately got my fiance to come see this, because since we moved in four months ago, there's never been any lights whatsoever in that area. there's no buildings or anything. my fiance saw the lights and was visually shook as she couldn't believe this either. we began walking towards the lights. my fiance got a bit spooked quickly and went back inside. i kept moving and saw these things just hovering. i will just focus on the one craft with the white/greenish lights since that's the one i saw best. it looked massive and had to have been miles away. as i kept walking towards the craft, i got the impression that it was a very very large rounded disc. and the lights i was seeing, weren't necessarily lights on the craft but reflections of the lights from the town below. the surface appeared to be very very reflective like a slick metal. there was a red light on the end of one of the sides of the craft that i would see blink occasionally. i started to get nervous as i walked closer to the craft since, of course my imagination was running wild - thinking of the craft possibly just luring me out there to grab me. i then called my fiance and asked her to come pick me up from the supermarket by the house as i had speedwalked over there (about half a mile) just to get a good look at this thing. my fiance and her daughter picked me up as we further observed the craft. my fiance began to drive in an area toward her work to see if we could get a better look at this thing and maybe figure we would find out that we were just seeing something else. i had thought maybe it was just the top of some office building and someone had the lights up there, but once again there are no buildings that big that we can recall being in that direction. so we continued to drive around. at one point my fiance's cd player did skip, like an electronic skip. this did spook us a bit. i can't say 100% this was due to the craft. my fiance said her disc never skips there. though i've been driving in her car before and it's not out of the ordinary to have that sort of thing happen so that just could have been a coincidence and not necessarily a reaction to the craft. we eventually got to a clearing where we could get a solid look at the craft. we didn't want to get too close because both of us were spooked. it was almost 1:00 am. my fiance's mom was pretty nervous as well and just wanted us to get back home since she was worried. i recorded the aircraft further and saw plenty more lights in the sky around the craft. there was one that was directly above it, moving as i had seen the previous crafts move. we eventually left and headed back home while the craft remained there. one interesting thing i did see on the way back home was one of those smaller lights i had seen the previous nights. this one was twinkling near the area of orion. to me it felt like it was trying to camouflage itself with the constellation, but after seeing everything i have the last few nights, i can spot these things immediately when i see them now. next to this glowing light by orion was another light across from it. and i swear i perceived these lights to actually be connected to something much much bigger. i don't know the shape nor could i see it very well, but this was the impression i got. the hovering disc remained there until about 4:30 am when we fell asleep.

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