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Qu'il est pitoyable, l'être trop faible qui soudainement se fâche. Il ne sait plus, l'instant de colère passé, comment se comporter.
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Bender - FuturamaMysterious glowing lights appeared during football game

On September 19, 2019, in night, a witness saw mysterious glowing stationary lights during a high school football game in Danville, Illinois.

Eyewitness statement:

I seen these whites hovering and it appeared as if the lights are rotated in place and change colors from white to red and then i seen mike gray or silver lights or part of the body it was hard to see it was so far away but the lights were mostly prominent white with red and there was no flight path they remain stationary other than appearing to rotate somewhat really hope somebody contact me so i could explain it better and so i'm the direction because i'm in my fifties i've never seen anything like that in my entire life and i'm prior military and i'm a seasoned hunter so i've been in the woods all my life and i've never seen nothing like this can explain it it sure was surprising i'd like to talk to somebody about it make sense of it. i have a few more pictures then i was able to post and i have some also on my digital canon camera used with a zoom lens maybe they're better quality pictures please contact me i'll feel free to share them with you somebody can help me figure this out i'll be glad to.


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