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Bender - FuturamaHuge UFO appeared over Colorado Spring

On November 7, 2019, a giant alien aircraft was spotted above the city of Colorado Spring, USA.

Witness report:

At 11:30 pm on tuesday november 7th, i observed a very large shapeshifting object in the distance outside of my office window. for the last month we’ve had sightings around our house so i had gotten the telescope out to get a better look. after seeing one high in the sky with the scope, i then went to my phone to see if i could get any sort of picture/video. i was looking straight up at the sky to the point of straining my neck for about 10 seconds before i brought the phone down only to see one of these objects appearing to be right across the street behind the trees. i couldn’t make it out what it was exactly because of the branches obstructing my view. i then called my fiancé into the office to see if she was seeing the same object which she did. at her suggestion, i then grabbed the telescope to see what i could see. the branches were still well in the way. all i could make out were the different colors of lights (green/blue/purple/pink/white). my fiancé then looked into the telescope and she saw what she describes as a triangle/something like a boomerang. In the middle she saw three gray triangles and the craft was a silvery white color. at one point i began to adjust the telescope further and she said the craft then appeared to be circular “like a cell shape. It was bright, she said. it was like a white iridescent color changing to pastel pinks and blues and greens. i eventually went outside to view some more with my phone. in viewing the craft outside it still appeared like a large triangular star with this white glow/aura around it. there was no sound, and after the whole experience in my head, it looked to be very slowly ascending. after about 5-10 mins, i went back inside to see if my fiancé would want to go driving to see what this was. while she was getting ready, i looked into the telescope since as this object was moving very slowly, it was now clear of the tree branches so i’d be able to get a better look. the first shape that came to mind when i told my fiancé was a prism. and it was not a stationary craft but a composition of many moving parts. at one point it appeared to be three triangles moving together in unison almost like a living organism. it was bright and reflecting all sorts of light so i was seeing pinks, yellows, purples, reds, etc. we eventually went driving after this thing and did observe it to be very near one of the air force bases we live by. after we returned home, my fiancé complained of a terrible headache and went straight to bed. the following morning her headache had now turned into a full blown migraine. she had to call off work and remained in bed the whole day. i took a video in the backyard but of course it really doesn’t show the shape. all you’ll see is the glowing dot.

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