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Bender - FuturamaWeird circular lights spotted above Hurricane, USA

On December 1st, 2019, a witness saw glowing circles in disc shaped over Hurricane, West Virginia.

Eyewitness statement:

Approximately 6:32 pm on december 1st i was heading home from work. i head north on hurricane creek road in hurricane, wv, and as i was driving towards the entrance ramp to interstate 64 heading west towards huntington, wv i saw three bright glowing circles lined closely in a row horizontally in the middle of the sky. i thought it was parking lot lights at first since we have shopping plaza to the nw sitting on a hill. i realized there was nothing in the direction of the lights/disc for it to be attached to or to be anchored to. instead of turning on to interstate 64, i continued to head north to continue viewing the lights/disc. the ufo was hovering in place, then went straight up a few centimeters as i was viewing it. it then continued to hover in place. i turned left on to grace drive to get a better look at it at a higher location. i continued west on grace drive and looked to my right and saw the ufo still there, but unsure if was still hovering or if it moved a little further west. i turned south into the walmart parking lot and then headed east for a few feet and then looked out the left window of my car. the ufo was completely gone. i continued to head east to leave the walmart parking lot back to grace drive and east towards hurricane creek road where i saw the object clearly and for a few minutes. i turned south on to hurricane creek road and east on to saturn way to try and look towards the west to see if it had gone behind some trees. i was unable to locate it as of 6:36 pm. the object had three glowing circles which were lit up as bright as led headlights on a car and were as large as headlights on a car. they were in a row horizontally with a small space in between each one. the light was so bright it prevented me from seeing the remainder of the object. it was either a dull color or was not visible at all. the two images i included is an edit of the location where i saw the object hovering. i was unable to get a photo of it, but i drew the image in its place. the second is a map of my route when i first initially saw the object and then after i lost sight of it.


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