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Bender - FuturamaTwo fireballs unidentified snapped in Henderson

On 1st January 2014 at about 12:00 AM, a couple has sighted and photographed two impressive fireballs unidentified, flying above the City of Henderson, located in State of Nevada, near Las Vegas (about 18 miles).

Witness states:

I was lying in bed watching the fireworks on New Years. I was up and about taking pictures out for the bedroom window of the fireworks over Las Vegas which is 16 miles away from our home. We have an unobstructed view of the entire Las Vegas Valley. FYI, we do see the mountains and sky and valley from our bed.

She alerted my attention to a glowing orange red ball coming over Sloan Canyon southwest of us. The direction was from California to Utah. The object was flying low at approximately 2000 feet.

I got up from the bed and we both watched as the phenomena passed by us and then went up into the sky and disappeared.

As we were trying to figure out what we just saw another one came over the exact same path. This was very close to us, less than a mile and at about 2000 feet altitude. It was round, and I saw the pulsated energy with in and flames evenly over the top as if it were from a gas burner on a stove. They were blue, red, flames that appear to be 5 feet tall spread evenly over the top of the object going up as the object floated peacefully through the valley past our house and then changed direction going up into the sky and disappeared at approximately 8,000 ft. The second one was very close, and as I watched in disbelief, a lot of things went through my head and I do not know what I was looking at, I stared deeply into the object. I followed the entire path. We are 11 days later and I am not ok about what I saw. I have emailed, called and spoken with Peter Davenport twice, NASA, FAA, Nellis, George Knapp, and Henderson Executive Airport. We did not see lights dancing in the sky; we saw the objects close and with certainty. I am loosing sleep and I want to know what I saw. It is not a possibility that someone does not know what is going on. Two many people saw this on New Years and it s about time that we are told what this was. I can say with certainly, if I grabbed my medium format camera, we would have pictures that would reveal a UFO. Personally, having been given the phone number from Nellis and the FAA to call Peter Davenport seems to me that this is a poor excuse to get rid of the people reporting and shunning any responsibility to be accountable as they have to know what this was and what is going on.

I took two pictures with her smart phone. The second was taken at 12:04:26 am Jan 1st 2014.


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