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On aime le rêve, on aime la féerie, on n'aime pas la vie ; tant pis, la vie en revanche, nous vole ce qu'on aime.

(Jovette-Alice Bernier)


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Bender - FuturamaUFO near volcano Popocatepetl on March 1, 2014

On 1st March 2014, a new UFO has been filmed around the famous Popocatepetl volcano near the small city of Huejotzingo, in Mexico, by a tourist…

Eyewitness states:

An extraordinary UFO crosses near the Popocatepetl volcano, with unusual features, as shown in the video, we visited the town of Huejotzingo to visit relatives and we have a spectacular view of Don Goyo, who let us enjoy a panorama and spectacular day in various parts of the view , and on the night of March 1st we continue to use our surveillance cameras and the yukon ranger. We caught an object flying at low altitude, which is the show our family we were accompanying that day and were surprised the object cruising very low and with a characteristic shape that identifies it. It is remarkable evidence from a place where people continuously observe UFOs near and going to the volcano. The lights are of unknown origin moving around inside the crater or around the villages near Popocatepetl. This is further evidence of UFOs at Popocatepetl volcano.


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