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Bender - FuturamaHelicopter changed into an UFO over Haverhill, MA

On March 2, 2013, an inhabitant of Haverhill (in the state of Massachusetts) has sighted a mysterious Blackhawk helicopter flying in the sky. But, few time later, this object changed into an unrecognizable shape…

Witness statement:

I was in my room. A helicopter was flying low and close. I grabbed my camera and took three pictures. They looked like a normal Blackhawk helicopter. The helicopter was traveling from the east to the south. A few minutes later, it came back. I grabbed my camera, and took three more pictures. The helicopter was flying from the south to the east, but took a sharp turn to the south-east. The last picture I took is what made me write this report. The helicopter was flying away from me when I took this picture, but I don't think it was one anymore. (I'll include the second-to-last picture to compare, you can see the helicopter turning away) When I looked at the pictures, what I saw amazed me. It didn't look like a helicopter anymore, I couldn't even identify any parts! See what you think. I'll include 2 pictures. One is of the helicopter about 10 seconds before the second (weird) picture was taken.


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