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De tous temps, le mélange de l’idéologie et de la technocratie a abouti au pire. L’idéologie de la mondialisation heureuse associée à la technocratie d’organisations non-élues ne déroge pas à la règle.
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Bender - FuturamaBlack triangular UFO above Maple Ridge, Canada

On June 15, 2019, a black triangular-shaped UFO was caught above Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada.

Witness statement:

Was looking at a live pic i took of my bike with the moon in the background, randomly expanded sections of my pic and noticed a black spec, when i looked closer it looks like a black triangle with 3 perfect crosses.. one in each corner... since this is a live pic i could also see it's flight path, it very quickly flew off and then sharply up to the right... much more quickly than a bird could travel in my opinion and no obvious flapping motion, what do you think? i'm hoping you can tell me what that spec is, it seems to go from one speed to a much faster one immediately. im very interested in ufos and purposely took this photo of the moon with the intention of seeing if there could possibly be something else there too. such as the tic tac ufo,the object is to the right of the moon near the top of the picture. you can only see it when you've expanded the picture.It also appears to me to have a halo around it when magnified. i have also noticed the ufo photo from the navy pilot regarding the tictac ufo has an eerily similar shape colour and ora around it ?


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