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L'homme dépend de l'image de lui-même qui se forme dans l'âme d'autrui, même si c'est l'âme d'un crétin.

(Witold Gombrowicz)


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Bender - FuturamaFleet of UFOs over Dolan Springs, Arizona

On August 17, 2018, a witness saw a fleet of UFOs over a mountain in Nevada / Arizona desert.

Witness statement:

While driving back from the west rim of the grand canyon we observed what appeared to be a fleet of very intensely bright light craft over the mountains. not 100% sure of the county, as we were travelling. we maintained visual on them for about 2 hours. they seemed to change shape, but it may be due to different viewing angles. at one time they appeared in a v formation, other times a straight line, and at other times no order ascertainable. they varied between as bright as the moon to for dimly lit like a star. they appeared and disappeared, hovered, and changed position rapidly. would love to understand more about them. our iphones didn't capture the details of everything we saw so well. would love any advice on better cameras/techniques for photographing lights at night. we took over 70 pictures and a video.


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