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Il est plus difficile de se défendre de l'amertume dans la pauvreté que de l'orgueil dans l'opulence.


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Bender - FuturamaGlowing orb spotted over Marana, Arizona

On January 29, 2018, in the morning, a retired navy aircrewman saw a spherical-shaped UFO with 4-6 hot spots over his home in Marana, Arizona.

Eyewitness statement:

I'm a retired navy aircrewman with 4000 hours of flight time & i was having coffee on my patio jan 29, 2018 in marana az just north of tucson. i took several pictures of the sunrise coming over the catalina mountains. on reviewing the pictures while drinking my coffee i noticed the first spot i thought was the moon only to look up to see that there was no moon & the spot was gone. i looked at the very next picture to see that it was gone, that picture was taken less then 3-5 seconds from the one that caught the sighting. i blew up the picture on my phone to see that it wasn't actually the moon but a sphere of some sort with 4-6 "hot spots" on it. i also noticed a lack of either horizontal or vertical stabilizers or a lack of propulsion. no heat signature that i can tell. there was as far as a can tell a "weather balloon" attached to it at any height. and since the second picture was taken less then 3-5 seconds after the first one it is no longer visible either by sight or in the 2nd picture. there was no sound, no planes or hero's nearby. i sent it to a navy aircrew buddy to get his opinion and he said he had never seen anything like it. i sent it to another navy buddy who has a ph.D in rocket science & actually works full time for nasa and he didn't know what it was. so i leave it up to you to see what you can make of it. for some technical data on the pictures ... taken on my phone camera samsung sm-g900v size 2.4 mb resolution = 3984x2988 aperture f2.2 focal length 4.80 mm no flash white balance was normal iso - 40 exposure time 1/2832 s content of the photo's u1 is the first picture i noticed the sphere u2 is the sphere blown up a little u3 is the sphere blown up as much as my phone will allow u4 is the 2nd picture taken 3-5 seconds after the first one in addition there have been news reports & civilian reports of rumblings near the mountains in the background about the same time i took this picture. i had heard the rumblings myself from time to time. a local tv station investigating the rumblings actually caught it on tape while investigating. they reached out to davis monthan afb to see if they were at a near by bombing range. base spokesman came back with there was no such bombing range in the area and no errant bombs or missiles had been dropped. they reached out to the local mining companies to see if they were using explosive charges during mining operations and they came back with a no explosives had been used during the time period covered. other ideas were investigated and still no answer to this day as to what the rumbling was all about. those have stopped for now ... no new reports. are they connected? i don't know. any information you can provide as to what this is ... is appreciated.


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