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Le temps n'est pas aux élections, mais à la sécurité et à la survie par rapport à la nouvelle guerre mondiale qui semble être déclenchée par les islamistes…

(Philippe de Villiers)


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Bender - FuturamaMetallic UFO taken over Carpathian Mountain, Romania

On June 28, 2012, a person, living in Romania, took pictures of landscape between Predeal and Brasov. Later, he noticed a very incredible metallic and grey UFO flying in the sky. What is it?

Witness statement:

I’m living on Romania/Europe and some parts of our country up to the mountains have really strange stories about extraterrestrial activities! As we know up to the Carpathian mountains not so far from cities –Busteni and Azuga exists even a secret army base! But the reason why I write to u is that couple years ago during a summer camp with kids up to the mountains not so far from the mentioned area I was taking pictures random without any purposes...just taking photos! when I get home I started to erase the bad pictures and I get to the picture I’m talking about and when I have opened I thought that my monitor has some dust on it but I have realized that I take a picture of something which i didn’t saw it and didn’t hear it on that moment! I have sent my picture to a Romanian UFO society and they said that I was taking a photo from a UFO but they didn’t have the technical support to clear the picture! They forwarded my picture to a German society but they never answered back! I would like to ask you if you can to clear this picture and to explain to me what i have seen there!


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