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Auteurs Calvin Parker
Publié le 20 septembre 2019
Prix $27.00
Thème Alien


This book is the continuing research into the ‘close encounter’ event experienced by Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson on the Pascagoula River, Mississippi on the night of October 11th, 1973. It follows-on from Calvin Parker’s first and best-selling book ‘Pascagoula – The Closest Encounter’. After the first book was published the research did not stop, in fact it intensified. This book will feature the ‘smoking gun’ document known as the ‘puncture wound’ document which was located in the files of APRO. Does this one page type-written document confirm that both Hickson and Parker were ‘injected’ that night by the creatures that abducted them ? The book also has six transcripts of hypnosis sessions with both Parker and Hickson. The first is Calvin Parker under hypnosis literally just three days after the encounter. The second hypnosis session is with Budd Hopkins in 1993. The third hypnosis session is with Kathleen Marden on September 14th, 2019. There are three transcripts of hypnosis sessions with the late Charles Hickson. They are from 1974, 1985 and 1989, the latter two again with Budd Hopkins. If you don’t like reading hypnosis transcripts then this book might not be for you. The book also details for the very first time an array of first-hand eyewitnesses to UFOs in and around Pascagoula and elsewhere in Mississippi that night back in 1973. Published here for the first time are details from a first-hand independent eye-witness who was on the opposite side of the river that night. This witness puts his testimony on the record stating that he too saw the ‘humanoids’ and also witnessed the UFO taking off. Last but not least, the author rounds the book off with an emotional look back at what has happened to him and the official unveiling of an historic marker unveiled by the Mayor in commemoration of what happened to Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker on October 11th, 1973. Like the previous book this one also utilizes an array of photographs, artwork, news cuttings, UFO magazine articles, letters and documents both old and new. Pascagoula-The Story Continues sheds yet more light onto one of ufology’s best document alien abduction accounts. This book also has a foreword by the veteran UK UFO researcher Philip Mantle, and an afterword by US scientist, UFO researcher and author Dr. Irena Scott.


Nombre de pages 437
ISBN-10 1688698620
ISBN-13 978-1688698628
Format Broché


Alien - 20 septembre 2019

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