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Bender - FuturamaGroup of witnesses observe UFO over Truro, Massachusetts

In the little city of Truro (near Provincetown, State of Massachusetts), more than 30 people has sighted an unusual bright blue light flying in the sky. This U.F.O. has been observed on September 14, 2013, at 8:30.

Witness statement:

We were waiting for the 8:30 bus to Truro (back to our condo at a place called Sand Castle) along with roughly 30 tourists, primarily. I had my movie camera in hand.

This little boy asked his father what it was he was looking at in the sky, toward Provincetown's historic Pilgrim Tower. Perhaps 500 yards away, and appearing to be floating next to the tower was an extremely bright, light blue light.

Though the illusion was that the object was close to the tower, I believe it was probably 1/4 of a mile out over Race Point and the ocean, near the absolute tip of the Cape.

Everyone in sight was visually locked onto the object, guessing what it was; helicopter, blimp, kite, drone, etc. where it was or seemed to be, it was none of those things.

That was quite clear to every adult I spoke with over the few minutes we watched. I took a still of the event, one minute or two long video, and a couple of other seconds long clips.

The bus driver stated that we should all get on the bus because he was leaving. I tried to film one more time out the window, but the object moved quickly off toward the west-southwest and was gone.

We went back to the condos and the adults stood in the parking lot scanning the sky for one more look (no dice) and analyzing our collective experience. One party suggested we were all fooled by someone.

A couple of others thought we had seen a copter... the silent kind. The majority thought that we had all seen a UFO, and I agreed.

We have come to Provincetown to our timeshare for many years, as have many of the other observers. Most had never seen anything like it before, though I had; in Vermont years ago. I checked the paper each day, but heard nothing.

Nobody reported it, I believe because we were all "tourists" for lack of a better reference.

I too at first thought I was seeing a copter, but I know how far away you can hear them, how they move, where they might and might not be.

I pretty quickly, along with many others, thought I was looking at a UFO. I have shown many other co-workers and friends the brief film and, given the way the thing moves, most agree that it is not identifiable.”

* Photo of the city of Truro (Google Maps)


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