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BookA Father's Story

A Father's Story

Auteurs Lionel Dahmer
Thème Serial killer
Genre littéraire Essay


"A Father's Story" by Lionel Dahmer is a gripping account that delves into the unimaginable crimes committed by his son, serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. Set in July 1991, the book explores the profound shock experienced by Jeffrey's parents.

In this memoir, Lionel Dahmer takes the reader on a journey of gradually unraveling the image of his child and the multitude of emotions that follow. With an insatiable desire to comprehend his son's psychosis, Lionel meticulously examines every possible contributing factor to his descent into madness. He delves into the emotional, psychological, and genetic aspects of Jeffrey's life, desperately searching for answers.

The book is both riveting and soul-wrenching as Lionel Dahmer bares his soul, grappling with the truth that his child has crossed the line separating humanity from monstrosity. The palpable desperation of a father seeking understanding is vividly portrayed, and the reader is taken through a rollercoaster of emotions.

"A Father's Story" is an unprecedented memoir that offers a unique perspective on the complex dynamics of a parent facing the harsh reality of their child's horrific actions. It invites contemplation on the nature of human beings, the challenges of parenthood, and the devastating consequences of mental illness. This book stands as a profound testimony to the immense struggle of coming to terms with unfathomable truths.


ISBN-10 1648370535
ISBN-13 9781648370533
Nombre de pages 268
Publié le 21 mai 2023
Format Broché
Editeur Echo Point Books & Media, LLC


Serial killer - 21 mai 2023

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