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RobotWoman has terrifying near-death experience

ambroo, Pixabay,

A woman, who has had a near-death experience, says she felt the presence of a terrifying demonic force while she was clinically dead...

A woman named Sandi had a serious heart attack that could have killed her. Her heart stopped for about 12 minutes. She had no more pulse and no brain activity.

During the time that she was totally unconscious and even clinically dead, she had a particularly traumatic near-death experience. Since then, her life has changed completely.

She told her story on the Near Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF) website:

I started to feel myself fade farther away but yet I knew exactly where I was lying.

Although, I was there, I was a million miles away.

My friends tell me that I blacked out, and was unresponsive.

Yet, I can tell them exactly what they were talking about, where they were, and what they had in their hands at the time.

I saw everything, despite my eyes being closed. I tried to hold onto memories, but nothing was working as everything was fading. Then, something was with me.

It terrified me. I saw darkness that felt so dark and evil. I was trying to scream but I couldn't.

Everything I tried to hold onto faded while something was pushing me and telling me to move [and] go with them.

I felt such a horrible presence that it terrifies me even now as I think about it.


Thanatology - 15 mai 2021 - Rael2012 - CC-BY 3.0

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