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RobotNDE - A man claims to have seen the Heaven’s gate

cocoparisienne, Pixabay,

After a very serious motorcycle accident, a man named Frank experienced a spectacular near death experience.

As he was clinically dead, he explained that he had been taken before the Heaven’s gate. He tried to enter but his time had not come yet.

He told his story on the NDERF website (Near Death Experience Research Fundation):

There was a light, a tunnel to aim for, but the ride was in auto-pilot. Now here's where things get real interesting.

The Gates of Heaven! I found myself looking in but could not get in! I started to knock, knock on the gates to Heaven.

The sights where out of this world, people playing having a great time. The sight and sounds greater than anything we know musical notes and sounds just greater than works can explain.

The visual effect was endless amount of bright colours (using colour to try to paint the colour). Again, words are too simple!

As I became accustomed to the sights and sound, I was delighted I was in the right place, yet the gates would not open!

Then what seemed like forever, might have been just a second-time did not exist or was slowed down-all I wanted was IN!

Yet here I was banging on what seemed like golden gates, as a graceful, faceless spiritual being taller than myself.

He/she(?) told me 'I am not ready! Have to make the planet a beautiful place!'

Of course I argued with that being, even explaining what can I do with a twisted body yet they communicated the same over, 'it's not my time to join them’.

Shortly after, Frank was back in his body. It is now convinced that there is life after death.


Thanatology - 6 juin 2021 - Rael2012 - CC-BY 3.0

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