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RobotHigh school student recounts near-death experience

Wokandapix, Pixabay,

While in the first year of high school, Candy had a near death experience after one of her classmates unwittingly strangled him.

Shortly after losing consciousness, the witness was persuaded to have been in the afterlife as he recounted on the NDERF website:

One day as our study hall monitor was out, this senior picked me up from behind with one arm across my upper shoulders.

He swung me around with what I assumed was a big smile and laugh. The class thought it was hilarious.

What they didn't know is that his arm had slipped to my neck.

Without knowing it, he was strangling his victim in the throat, preventing oxygen from reaching the brain. Slowly, Candy lost consciousness.

He described being surrounded by darkness until it all disappeared and absolute silence set in.

Though the lights went out; yet, my consciousness was highly alert. I could no longer hear anyone or anything from in the classroom but I knew that I could hear. I saw nothing but darkness but did not feel blind.

I knew that I could see the darkness. It was velvety, soft and comforting.

Candy thinks he spent about five minutes in this state of darkness before he started to care about his well-being with the outside world.

I became aware of the senior in a panic trying to revive me.

Today Candy is convinced that there is life after death.


Thanatology - 21 août 2021 - Rael2012 - CC-BY 3.0

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