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RobotUFO makes a 90° turn in front of the sun

Scott C. Waring, Copyright,

By viewing the images broadcast by Helioviewer, a ufologist discovered a UFO capable of incredible movements...

Helioviewer is a service jointly developed by NASA and ESA (European Space Agency). It allows you to view images of the Sun taken by various scientific instruments such as SOHO or Yohkoh (Japanese space observatory). It was in these images that Scott C. Waring discovered the presence of an unidentified flying object making a 90 degree turn! How is it possible ?

He explains:

This may appear as nothing to most people, but to me, it's 100% proof that UFOs exist near our sun. You see, nothing made in nature could make a hard right turn in space, and yet, we see that here. Clearly there is only a single explanation for it...that it's an intelligently controlled spacecraft. Thats why I recorded it and posted it here. Its undeniable proof that intelligent space faring aliens exist in our solar system. And that is important to know.


U.F.O. - 20 février 2022 - Rael2012 - CC-BY 3.0

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