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RobotAustralia - A UFO observed in 1914 in Mullumbimby

Gatoclass, CC BY-SA 3.0,

On October 7, 1914, a mysterious unidentified light was seen in Mullumbimby, a small town located in the Byron Shire, New South Wales.

Here is the article published in the Australian newspaper The Richmond River Express and Casino Kyogle Advertiser on October 9, 1914:

The mysterious light which has been alleged to have been seen in various parts of the North Coast turned up at Mullumbimby early on Wednesday evening. The visitor was first noticed by Mr. A. Norris in the western sky. Fascinated, Mr. Norris watched the erratic movements of the uncanny light for some time and finally reported the matter at the local newspaper office. Soon a large crowd gathered in front of the paper office and watched the light. Passing over the mountains at Wilson's Creek it took a dip down but immediately rose again and disappeared in the direction of Lismore. Those who saw it scout the idea of it being a star and the general impression is that the light was from an aeroplane.


  • A Mysterious Light, The Richmond River Express and Casino Kyogle Advertiser, October 9, 1914

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