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RobotDiscovery of a Extraterrestrial Structure at the Bottom of the Ocean

Google Earth, Copyright,

The discovery of a strange structure at the bottom of the ocean, reported by ufologist Scott C. Waring, has captured public attention and sparked passionate debates within ufological circles. Dated May 1, 2022, this discovery took place approximately 100 miles off the coast of Spain, in a region precisely located at 43.18699223 degrees latitude north and -10.94155348 degrees longitude west.

According to Scott C. Waring's observations, the extraterrestrial structure in question measures nearly 14 kilometers long, approximately 9 miles, and has an estimated height between 300 and 500 meters. This impressive-sized structure leaves behind a distinctive trail on the seabed, stretching for hundreds of miles. This trail suggests that the object has been in motion for a considerable period, leading Waring to speculate that it could have been submerged for several millennia.

The observation of this structure raises numerous questions about its nature and origin. Waring noted that Google, through its online mapping service, appears to have deliberately blurred much of the seabed, leaving only the Internet version of Google Maps to provide a clear view of the object. According to him, this deliberate blurring action seems to conceal the true extent of extraterrestrial presence on our planet, suggesting a deliberate attempt to keep the public in the dark about the existence of aliens.


Alien - 24 mars 2024 - Rael2012 - CC BY 2.5 - Voir l'historique

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