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RobotXenu, the dictator of a “Galactic Federation”

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Xenu is a central figure in the mythology of Scientology, a religion founded by L. Ron Hubbard in the mid-20th century. Belief in Xenu is closely tied to the advanced teachings of Scientology, which are typically only revealed to members who have reached a certain level of commitment and progression within the Church.

Mythological Origins

According to Scientology doctrine, Xenu is an extraterrestrial being, also known as Xemu or Xenu the tyrant. He is said to have lived millions of years ago in a distant galaxy. Xenu is described as a galactic dictator who ruled over a vast interstellar empire.

The Story of Xenu

The story of Xenu is told in advanced Scientology texts, such as the "OT III materials" (Operating Thetan, level 3), which are among the most secretive teachings of the religion. According to these accounts, Xenu resorted to brutal methods to manage the overpopulation of his empire. He then orchestrated a massive plan to reduce the population by imprisoning billions of individuals in spacecraft under the guise of a "tax audit". These individuals were transported to the planet Earth (or "Teegeeack" in Scientology terminology) and placed around Earth's volcanoes to be exterminated by thermonuclear explosions.

Cosmic Consequences

According to Scientology belief, the souls of the individuals killed in this cosmic catastrophe, known as the "Incident of the Revue", were trapped and attached to the living souls of present-day human beings. These trapped souls, called "thetans", are said to be responsible for many of the problems and sufferings experienced by individuals in their daily lives. Scientology offers purification and auditing techniques to rid oneself of the negative effects of these thetans.

Criticisms and Controversies

Belief in Xenu is one of the most controversial aspects of Scientology. Critics of the religion view the story of Xenu as evidence of the fantastical and unscientific nature of Scientology teachings. It is often referred to as a "science fiction myth", and the secrecy surrounding this story until members reach high levels of progression within the Church is highlighted.


Xenu holds significant importance in the cosmology of Scientology, symbolizing the struggle between good and evil, as well as the karmic consequences of our past actions. As Scientology continues to provoke debates and controversies, belief in Xenu remains a subject of fascination and critique for outsiders.


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