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RobotUFO filmed near shuttle Endeavor

Scott C. Waring, Copyright,

Once again, NASA's photographic archives seem to have delivered new evidence of the presence of UFOs in space. Ufologist Scott C. Waring has indeed uncovered an intriguing picture taken from the space shuttle Endeavour during the STS-113 mission in 2002.

In this image extracted from NASA's online database, a mysterious object can be seen apparently following and observing the American shuttle. According to Scott C. Waring, it cannot be an artificial satellite since this mission did not have any on its itinerary.

"This object has a very strange shape and seems to be tracked by an unidentified outside observer," claims the UFO phenomena expert. "It's amusing to see how much evidence of the existence of UFOs abounds, including in NASA's own archives, while a large part of the public remains blindfolded on the subject."

The ufologist did not fail to point the finger at the American authorities, whom he accuses of perpetuating this denial by "keeping a blindfold over the eyes of citizens." A recurrent criticism from advocates of the UFO movement, convinced of an institutional cover-up of the phenomenon.

This new photograph undoubtedly rekindles the debate over the question of unidentified flying objects and the presence of extraterrestrials in space. Skeptics will see it as a simple photographic aberration, while enthusiasts will perceive it as long-awaited proof. One thing is certain: the controversy remains very much alive.


U.F.O. - 10 juin 2024 - Rael2012 - CC BY 2.5 - Voir l'historique


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