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RobotLittle aliens kill old woman in Mexico

Stefan Keller, Pixabay,

One evening, two children, a brother and a sister were playing video games in their room at their home in Veracruz, Mexico. After hearing strange noises outside, they saw an oval shaped UFO in front of their neighbor's house.

Several small beings came out of this machine. They wore a red suit and walked towards the neighbors' house through the walls. Curious, the two children looked out the window to see what was happening. They had no idea they were going to witness a horrible scene.

Writer and ufologist Albert S. Rosales recounts what happened:

The children reported that they watched the little red men began to “strike” or hit the elderly woman who began screaming for her daughter. According to the children right before the assault took place the elderly woman apparently attacked the humanoids first. The children counted about 10 humanoids and 5 of them were carrying stick-like implements resembling broom handles. The humanoids began striking the old woman with these instruments and at the same time emitting loud guttural sounds. The horrified children watched until the elderly woman fell to the floor apparently dead (!), at this point her daughter came out of the bedroom and upon seeing her mother on the floor also collapsed, not before according to the children she was surrounded by four of the little red men. The children then reported that they remained watching as the little men placed both bodies on top of the sofa and “cut both dead bodies in half”. The humanoids then took the upper section of the bodies with them. At this point terrified beyond words both children ran to their home directly across the street and locked themselves in. Apparently the humanoids had not seen them. The children added that they had seen similar humanoids in Toluca. The children also reported that an 18-year old man living in the same neighborhood suffered the same fate one night while he was in his yard, according to them this time the craft was smaller and had landed on the roof, but the aliens were the same type.


Alien - 15 novembre 2020 - Rael2012 - CC-BY 3.0

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