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RobotA policeman says he ran over a leprechaun!

kasiaczernik, Pixabay,

A few years ago, a policeman was on his regular patrol somewhere in western Pennsylvania, United States. Suddenly, without warning, a strange little being came out and the agent accidentally knocked him over.

The leprechaun is a legendary humanoid being from Irish folklore. Although this creature is just a myth, this policeman named Mike is sure he saw one. This supernatural encounter particularly marked him and, even today, when he speaks about it he still has chills.

A woman known only as "ExistentialDead14" told the story of the police officer, a person she knows well. This story was published on Reddit:

All of the sudden, Mike saw what he thought was an animal coming out of the grass on the left side. He said he saw the next sequence of events in slow motion. He tried to slow his cruiser down. He saw that it was not an animal, but indeed a small, bald, dirty man dressed in ragged clothes approximately two feet tall running out from the grass. He slammed on the brakes. The cruiser did not stop fast enough and he hit the small man with the front of the car. The man flew up in the air. Mike jumped out and ran to the front. He said he looked right down at the small man, who he then noticed had reddish brown hair. The little man began a screaming, evil laugh and hopped up, running into the grass on the right side of the road. Mike ran after him but all he heard was the sound of his evil mocking laugh.

When Mike got back to the station, he was visibly shaken. My ex’s father said he was pale white and could barely choke out the story. When he finished telling them what happened, everyone except my ex’s dad began howling with laughter. The other cops teased him relentlessly about the leprechaun story. Since it was about three weeks before St. Patrick’s Day, one of the cops went to the dollar store and bought a leprechaun hat. He left it on Mike’s doorstep with a note stuck in the brim saying “I’M COMING FOR YA MIKEY”. The next morning Mike came in crying and told my ex’s father he was quitting the police. My ex’s father believed Mike and said he could tell he was extremely sincere in his belief that he’d hit a leprechaun. He told the other cops to leave him alone about it and Mike worked with him for years to come. I first heard this story from my ex’s father. I could tell he really believed Mike had seen what he’d seen. Later that year, Mike was over at my ex’s house. I asked Mike about the story. He grew pale and quiet, and he told me exactly the same story my ex’s father had told me earlier. He insists and has always insisted that he hit a leprechaun with his car that day.


Cryptozoology - 15 novembre 2020 - Rael2012 - CC-BY 3.0

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