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RobotTwo men attacked by a dogman in Mexico

DomPixabay, Pixabay,

A few years ago, two men were riding in a freight truck on an unpaved and rough road somewhere in Mexico. Suddenly, they were attacked by a terrifying and mysterious creature.

It was dark when this huge "dogman" jumped out of the back of their truck. The following testimonial was originally posted on the Beyond Creepy site by the nephew of the two witnesses:

They didn’t stop to see what it was because there were no lights on the road. My uncle on the passenger side saw this devilish creature that looked like a dog climbing closer to the cabin of the truck. They said the thing was huge. My uncle’s screaming in fear when they saw it, said they tried to shake the truck but it would fall off until they hit it against a tree on the opposite side of the road/path. They kept driving all night to the morning all freaked out. When they got to a gas station in a village, they saw gash marks and hand but animal prints on the windows where it was trying to get in and on the back trailer. They told their story to some of the villager or farmer and they told them that dogmen-like demons roam those areas. And they were not the only ones who have been attached before. They were so freaked out the hair on both arms rises even telling their experience. They said they never drove through Central America besides the cities or villages at night ever again. I wish I could have recorded them telling the stories. They have died already, but even before they died, they stuck with what happened to them and they never did drugs.


Cryptozoology - 23 août 2021 - Rael2012 - CC-BY 3.0 - Voir l'historique

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