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RobotThe day an explorer found a man-eating lotus

yyryyr1030, Pixabay,

Phil Robinson, an explorer, had strange and terrifying adventures in Africa. In his travelogue published in 1881 and entitled "Under the Punkah", he recounts seeing man-eating plants ...

In this fascinating story, he explains that one of his plants attacked his uncle. He would have emptied his charger on this thirsty plant. He then took out his knife before stabing it to multiple occasions. He finally managed to escape. One of his guides did not have this chance and literally was devoured by one of his plants.

Robinson described this cannibalistic plant:

This awful plant, that rears its splendid death-shade in the central solitude of a Nubian fern forest, sickens by its unwholesome humours all vegetation from its immediate vicinity, and feeds upon the wild beasts that, in the terror of the chase, or the heat of noon, seek the thick shelter of its boughs ; upon the birds that, flitting across the open space, come within the charmed circle of its power, or innocently refresh themselves from the cups of its great waxen flowers ; upon even man himself when, an infrequent prey, the savage seeks its asylum in the storm, or turns from the harsh foot-wounding sword-grass of the glade, to pluck the wondrous fruit that hang plumb down among the wondrous foliage. And such fruit! Glorious golden ovals, great honey drops, swelling by their own weight into pear-shaped translucencies. The foliage glistens with a strange dew, that all day long drips on to the ground below, nurturing a rank growth of grasses, which shoot up in places so high that their spikes of fierce blood-fed green show far up among the deep-tinted foliage of the terrible tree, and, like a jealous body-guard, keep concealed the fearful secret of the charnel-house within, and draw round the black roots of the murderous plant a decent screen of living green.


Cryptozoology - 21 août 2021 - Rael2012 - CC-BY 3.0

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