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RobotUFC star claims to have seen UFO in Albuquerque

Mark Rchardson, CC BY 2.0,

American UFC star Diego Sanchez claimed to have observed a UFO over the town of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

This mixed martial arts champion was training at his home when he spotted this UFO. Terribly excited by this sudden appearance, he immediately posted his short testimony on his Twitter account:

Today a powerful portal of light energy is open. If there ever was a night to connect with the universe tonight is the night. I have been celebrating and connecting all day.

I was doing energy work on my patio as a ufo flew right up on me I called for my daughter quick quick she watched this thing Hoover only hundreds of feet away Albuquerque is a trip sightings are regular here. But this shit was contact tonight it was obvious it was watching me

Alas, the man does not appear to have taken any photos or videos of this UFO. However, he's not the only UFC champion to have had unexplained experiences. The Canadian Georges St-Pierre had admitted, in various interviews, to have a deep fear of extraterrestrials. He even claimed to have been kidnapped by these terrifying aliens…


U.F.O. - 21 novembre 2020 - Rael2012 - CC-BY 3.0

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