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RobotA spherical UFO sighted in 1948 in Adelaide, Australia

hypnotiseme, CC BY-SA 2.0,

At the end of November 1948, several residents of the city of Adelaide, in southern Australia, saw a very bright UFO after dark.

All witnesses stated that this unidentified flying object was particularly bright and that it was spherical in shape. Here are some testimonials.

Ms. M. E. Fry (Hamilton District)

I saw a very large ball of brillianit light in the early morning of November 25. The lights in the street were out, and all at once my room was flooded with light.

At first I thought it was tihe comet. The ball of light sparkled witlf most beautiful colors. As I watched it glittering, it nearly blinded me; it seemed very close. I watched it for quite five minutes before it disappeared. I thought is resembled a huge crown.

Mrs. Miriam DAVEY (Paynebam District)

My window blinds were down when the ball of light shone. Like Mrs. Dalton, I expected that, something strange was going to happen.

Mrs. Annie E. DIMBLE (Kirkcaldy District)

I, too, saw the spectacular ball of light at 1.50 a.m on Thursday. I was awake in my sleepout when suddenly the whole universe was lit up by a tremendous pale green ball of light falling from the sky in the north-west.


U.F.O. - 29 novembre 2020 - Rael2012 - CC-BY 3.0

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