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RobotA woman visits her brother in a dream before dying

Stefan Keller, Pixabay,

In the early XIXth century, a young woman felt ill. She had a presentiment that she was dying. Strangely the night before she dies, she appeared in the dream of his brother to say him a last goodbye.

The Daily News tells this unexplained story:

A certain young lady, whom we will call 'Mary A,' was recovering from an illness. The doctor had declared her to be out of danger, and her friends and relatives were rejoicing in the fact.

Nevertheless, Miss A, receiving a visit one day from a sister, gravely assured her that she was going to die. The sister pooh-poohed the idea, and treated it as an invalid's fancy. Miss A, however, with the utmost calmness, repeated her statement. She was certain that she would die that night, and begged her sister to fetch her parents and other relatives to say good-bye. Thinking to humor her, the sister complied. One person was absent from this strange family gathering—a brother, who was at sea, and expected home in a week or two. 'But it does not matter,' Miss A quietly observed,. 'I saw him last night in a dream, and said good-bye to him in his cabin.' Before the sun rose again Miss A's prediction had come true; she was dead. That, however, is not the strangest part of this rather weird story. When, in due time, the sailor brother reached port, he was met by his other sister, who began to tell him the sad news. 'Ah,' he interrupted, 'you need not tell me. Mary is dead. I knew it, for she came to me one night in my dreams, and told me she was going to die and wanted to say, good-bye.' On comparing dates it was found that. the dreams were dreamed on the selfsame night.


Thanatology - 7 février 2021 - Rael2012 - CC-BY 3.0

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