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RobotDuring a hike, a woman falls into a parallel universe

press and, Pixabay,

In July 2006, a young woman went on a spiritual retreat in Colorado, United States. There, she had a paranormal experience ...

One day, she had decided to go for a hike in a local forest. Everything was going well until she slipped into a sort of parallel universe. She tells:

I walked maybe five feet off trail to have a look at a brightly colored sign attached to a tree which gave the name of the national forest I was in. I read the sign, turned around to get back on trail, and literally the trail was not there. I found myself in a different location. How could this be possible I thought to myself, and then of course, one begins to panic when things go so wonky. I calmed myself and circled the area trying to find the trail, or some way to get back on track, but it was not there. I made sure to not wander from the small area I was in, yet I was still searching for a way out. I retraced my steps to find the tree with the brightly colored national park placard as a way to reorientate my location, but it was not there either. As I walked in the direction I came from, there was barbed wire fence all around. I then began to get what I can only describe as a very creepy feeling that I was being watched and the panic set in again. I knew I must not panic and that I had to stay in the area I was in. I felt as if there was an energy trying to get me to go in a certain direction, but my gut, my intuitive self, said NO, don’t go there. Then I thought to call 911 or my husband who was 30 miles away. Not sure if I could’ve gotten service, but again, my gut very strongly said NO, do not get on your phone. Then in the distance, I began hearing the voices of people talking. Oh good, I thought, I’ll call out for help, as I just assumed that if I could hear them, they would hear me. So I cried out for help, screaming for help as loud as I could. Then I began to have this terrifying feeling that the sound of my voice was going nowhere. The best way, in retrospect, I can describe it, is that I was very small, in a petri dish being looked at and the sound of my voice was being muffled. I literally thought to myself at this point, “oh, this is how some people go missing. That’s when I knew I had to absolutely find a way out. I ran straight away and there in front of me was a field so I just began running in the direction of the yoga center. The grasses got taller and taller as I ran and were taller than me in places. It was a very dry and hot Colorado summer, but this field was like a marsh or bog with dips and holes. I was sinking in, as if in quick sand, as I was running and at one point badly twisted my ankle. It felt like I was going in slow motion, but I was running as fast as I could. Eventually, I got to a trail just near the facility. I sat down on a chair by a small lake that is on the property and was really in a dazed and confused state as to what I had just experienced. Mostly I was just incredibly thankful to be sitting there. I remember too, my eyes were burning badly, like I had been doused with some sort of chemical. For days they were quite red and still burning.


Mystery - 3 mai 2021 - Rael2012 - CC-BY 3.0

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