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RobotA child visited by the ghost of a little girl

Pete Linforth, Pixabay,

One man said that throughout his childhood he was visited by a mysterious little girl dressed in white. It was most likely a ghost that haunted his house ...

This ghost was harmless and never spoke. The witness said:

From 3 until 13 I lived in a nice home out near Yosemite national park, nothing super spectacular about it, 4 bedrooms, a den, dining room, the norm.

Just down a little dirt road and (if you’ve ever been around those parts you’ll know) miles away from civilization. My whole childhood I was visited by this girl in white, she never spoke, I would just wake up at night and see or feel her there.

I asked my dad and his response every time was ‘the men in our family can see ghosts.’ My rationale of this (I’m a skeptic, I remain that to this day but the story I’m telling made me question) was that we had some sort of mild schizophrenia running through our family.

It didn’t bother me, she didn’t look like other people. There was something ‘off’ about her. After my father died my mother decided to sell the house and went through a realtor. We never once had contact with the buyers, only knew them by name.

The buyers had a son who went to the same school as our old neighbors (dear friends of the family) and the son apparently came to school without sleep repeatedly, complaining that there was a girl who watched him at night and that he needed to get out.


Ghost - 13 juin 2021 - Rael2012 - CC-BY 3.0

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