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RobotAn Invisible Man Photographed on Google Maps?

Scott C. Waring, Copyright,

An unusual photo was taken in May 2022 in Brooklyn, New York City, and published on Google Maps. Shared by Scott C. Waring on his blog, the image depicts an invisible silhouette seemingly defying conventional laws of physics and biology.

Scott C. Waring, known for his explorations in the realms of the unexplained and ufology, stumbled upon this particular image while browsing Google Maps. The location of the discovery is in Brooklyn, New York, United States.

The image in question portrays a humanoid figure apparently devoid of hands, feet, or a head. The figure appears to be in motion. It was photographed on a busy street in broad daylight. After a while, this mysterious silhouette transforms into a white bird.

Waring's commentary on the image invites speculation and raises questions about its nature. He highlights the seemingly impossible aspects of the image, such as the absence of crucial body parts and the sudden transformation into a bird. One interpretation suggested by a commentator proposes the involvement of a green screen, a technology commonly used in film and television production. However, the feasibility of using such equipment in a bustling urban environment like New York raises doubts about this theory.

Waring himself acknowledges the overwhelming evidence seemingly pointing to a paranormal or extraterrestrial explanation. He puts forward various hypotheses, including the possibility of digital manipulation by a talented artist, involvement of advanced hacking techniques, or even the presence of a magician capable of feats beyond human understanding.

The discovery of this anomalous image on Google Maps in Brooklyn, New York, speaks to the enduring allure of the unexplained and mysterious. While skeptics may attribute the image to mundane explanations or technological glitches, enthusiasts like Scott C. Waring continue to ponder the tantalizing possibility of encounters with the extraordinary. As discussions and investigations continue, the true nature of this enigmatic image remains shrouded in uncertainty...


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