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RobotCairo - The ghost of Jane Brown

janrye, Pixabay,

In 1891, a terrifying ghost haunted a little caban in a farm near Cairo, Egypt. Thousand of people saw it and nobody could explained this surnatural apparition.

The following story was published in 1891 on the newspaper ‘The Saint Paul Daily Globe’:

Near Cairo there is alleged to be a. veritable ghost, whose reality stands the test of daylight as well as inspection in the night. The location of the spook is on the farm of Hart Floyd, and it makes its supernatural apppearance in a room in a negro cabin, writes, a correspondent of the Courier-Journal. It is the ghost of Jane Brown, a colored woman who died twelve months ago, and is in appearance an attenuated form of the woman when alive. The ghost stands by the side of the fireplace with one hand on the mantel. Fully 500 negroes went to see it yesterday, waking pilgrimages to the cabin from miles around, and the army of wagons gathered presented the appearance of a fair. The observation of the spook is made through a window, and every one who has looked is satisfied that he saw Jane Brown as she was I when alive. Some suppose the woman is not dead, but the majority think she I has really returned to haunt the house for some reason unknown. So great is the superstition and dread of the visitors that no one could be induced to enter the room where the apparition stands.

White people as well as colored have visited the cabin, and all corroborate the statement made by the latter as to the genuineness of the ghost. It is certainly a very mysterious circumstance. No syllable has yet been uttered by the immovable spirit, but the people are expecting that, like the ghost of Hamlet's father, it has a communication from the other world of which to unburden itself. The crowd that visits the spot increases daily.


Ghost - 1 août 2021 - Rael2012 - CC-BY 3.0

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