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RobotSeveral UFOs sighted near San Francisco in February 2017

Danleo~commonswiki, CC BY 2.5,

In February 2017, a couple were on a cruise and returning to San Francisco, California. In the middle of the night, the young woman observed several UFOs in the ocean ...

The witness was on board the Dawn Princess, a cruise ship. She was returning from a trip to the Mexican Riviera. As the boat passed Half Moon Bay, she saw something inexplicable.

She told her story on the NUFORC website:

I was coughing up a storm at 2 A.M., and my husband went to find a hot lemonade. I was awake anyway, so I pulled back the curtains and stood in the window to watch the ship’s churning water – mesmerizing! After about 5 minutes, three softly glowing objects came into view – three uniform, nearly spherical objects, evenly spaced in a line parallel to the ship’s hull and hovering just above the water surface. Based on the appearance of dolphins from the window, and of people seen standing on piers, I’d say that these spheres were somewhat larger – maybe 12-15’ high. Perfectly smooth, and with a pale bluish-white glow. They appeared to stay in one place while the ship moved past them. They were hovering, but didn’t disturb the water below them. Just as they went out of my sight, the left one toward the bow splashed down into the water and disappeared. Of course, I hadn’t thought to tear myself away from the window to get the cell phone or camera (both in the safe, and of doubtful use through a window at night…). And, of course, three more glowing spheres, hovering in a straight line along the edge of the wake, came past the window 2 minutes later! 4-5 minutes after that, two more spheres were seen, but farther away from the ship. The first and second groups had been located just where the ship’s wake or foam line ends. The last group was about twice as far away. The “bow-ward” of these last two also dropped down into the water and disappeared. I was still standing at the window, in amazement, when my husband came back with lemon tea. I told him about the spheres, and we watched for a while, but no more sightings.


U.F.O. - 23 août 2021 - Rael2012 - CC-BY 3.0

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