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RobotShani Shingnapur - The Village Without a Gate

Redtigerxyz, Public domain,

In India, Shani Shingnapur is known as the "village without doors". The residents believe that the god Shani protects their homes from theft and therefore do not equip them with doors. Even public buildings such as schools and post offices do not have doors.

Shani Shingnapur is a small village located in the state of Maharashtra, India. It is famous for its unique feature of having no doors on its houses and public buildings. This is due to the belief of the village residents that the god Shani, the Hindu god of the planet Saturn, protects their village from theft and burglary. Legend has it that the god appeared in the village centuries ago and asked the residents not to build houses with doors.

The belief in the divine protection of Shani Shingnapur is so strong that the residents do not even lock their doors at night. They believe that anyone who attempts to steal from the village will be punished by the god Shani immediately. This strong faith has resulted in no recorded instances of theft or burglary in the village for several decades.

The absence of doors in Shani Shingnapur has made the village a popular tourist attraction, with thousands of visitors every year coming to see the unique feature and learn about the beliefs of the residents. The village is also famous for its Shani temple, where people come from far and wide to pray and make offerings.

However, the tradition of the "village without doors" has also attracted the attention of criminals. In 2010, thieves attempted to steal jewelry from a house in the village, but they were caught by the residents before they could carry out the theft. Since then, the authorities have set up a small local police force to monitor the village and ensure the safety of the residents.

Despite the risks, the residents of Shani Shingnapur continue to have faith in the divine protection of their village. For them, this tradition is a symbol of their devotion to the god Shani and their trust in their community's ability to protect each other. The absence of doors in the village shows the strong bond between the residents and their belief in the power of their god.


Weird - 8 mai 2023 - Rael2012 - CC BY 2.5 - Voir l'historique

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