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L'amitié n'a pas âge ni de temps. Elle peut naître comme elle peut mourir à tout moment.
(Vasco Varoujean)


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The term "unusual" is used to describe something that is uncommon, strange, or surprising. It refers to events, objects, phenomena, or situations that stand out from what is considered ordinary or typical.

What is considered unusual may vary depending on cultural norms, social expectations, and specific contexts. What may seem unusual in one culture may be completely normal in another.

The aspect of being unusual can pique people's interest, curiosity, or even amusement. It can also challenge expectations and preconceived notions about the world around us.

Unusual elements can be found in various domains, such as art, nature, events, scientific discoveries, peculiar objects, or unconventional behaviors.

It is worth noting that the perception of what is unusual can be subjective, as what is considered unusual for some individuals may be ordinary for others. However, the surprising or uncommon aspect is often a key characteristic of what is referred to as "unusual."

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