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RobotMysterious Disk-Shaped Object spotted in Rutland, Vermont

Shawn Pemrick, CC BY 3.0,

September 30, 2020, will remain etched in the memory of many residents of Rutland as a mysterious event unfolded in the nighttime sky of this peaceful town. A strange disk-shaped object, described as resembling a bright, greenish-tinted Oreo cookie, was observed moving swiftly and silently across the firmament.

The incident occurred at approximately 9:45 PM when a witness spotted an illuminated object, emitting a greenish hue, rapidly traversing from south to north in a straight-line trajectory. The witness, whose identity remains confidential, described the object as having a distinct shape with sharp edges, akin to two glowing hockey puck-shaped discs stacked on top of each other and moving in unison. It was impossible to determine if the upper and lower structures of the object were connected, but it appeared to form a single entity.

What struck the witness was that the object did not display the typical navigation lights of a conventional aircraft and moved much faster than what one would expect from aircraft, whether at low or high altitudes. Furthermore, the object left no glowing or fiery trail in its wake, ruling out any hypothesis of falling from the sky or atmospheric entry.

The observation took place horizontally and in complete silence, adding to the mystery of the event. Unfortunately, the visibility duration was limited, affording the witness only a few precious seconds to scrutinize this celestial phenomenon. In comparison, the object appeared to be approximately 25% the size of the full moon, making it significantly more imposing than any of the visible planets or stars in the sky that night.


U.F.O. - 10 septembre 2023 - Scipius - CC BY 2.5 - Voir l'historique

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