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RobotThe worst ideas of the new Argentinian president Javier Milei

Sargen220, Public domain,

The election of Javier Milei as the head of Argentina has caused astonishment and concern around the world. This anti-system candidate, who claims to be an anarchist and libertarian, has promised to implement radical measures that could have disastrous consequences for the country and the region. Here are some of his worst ideas.

Dollarize the economy and abolish the central bank: Javier Milei has proposed to dollarize the economy and eliminate the Argentine central bank as a strategy to “kill” hyper-inflation. This would mean making the US dollar the national currency instead of the Argentine peso, whose value, according to Milei, melted like blocks of ice in the Sahara. This measure, which would deprive the country of its monetary sovereignty, could worsen the debt crisis, reduce the competitiveness of exports and increase the dependence on the United States.

Abolish social welfare and halve public spending: Javier Milei identifies himself as an anarcho-capitalist and advocates a program inspired by the Austrian school, which aims to drastically reduce the weight of the state. He wants to abolish social welfare, which he believes encourages laziness and corruption, and limit the number of ministers to the sovereign functions (defense, justice, security). He also plans to halve public spending, which would imply massive cuts in the sectors of health, education, culture or environment.

Reject global warming and promote the free carrying of weapons: Javier Milei is a convinced climate skeptic, who denies the existence of global warming and the impact of human activities on the environment. He considers that humans have no vocation to intervene to interrupt the “cycle” that constitutes climate change. He is also in favor of a market solution for organ donation, which would allow people to sell their organs to whoever wants them. Moreover, he supports the free carrying of weapons and the legalization of drugs, in the name of the principle of individual freedom.

Oppose abortion and sexual education: Javier Milei is a fervent Catholic, who opposes abortion and sexual education in schools. He considers that abortion is a murder and that sexual education is a form of ideological indoctrination that aims to impose the “cultural Marxism” and to destroy the traditional family. He has also insulted Pope Francis, whom he accuses of being an “idiot” and a “leftist shit” who advocates “social justice” based on envy, a capital sin.

Defy neighboring countries and international organizations: Javier Milei has adopted a nationalist and isolationist posture, which has led him to defy neighboring countries and international organizations. He has thus threatened to break diplomatic relations with Brazil, which he considers as a “historical enemy” of Argentina, and to demand the restitution of the Falkland Islands, occupied by the United Kingdom. He has also announced his intention to leave Mercosur, the regional trade bloc, and to renegotiate the agreements with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which granted Argentina a loan of 57 billion dollars in 2018.

These ideas, which go against the global political and economic consensus, raise fears of an unprecedented instability and regression for Argentina, which is already going through a difficult situation, marked by poverty, unemployment, corruption and the Covid-19 pandemic. Javier Milei, who will take office on December 10, 2023, will have to face many challenges and strong opposition, both inside and outside the country.


Politics and Ecology - 26 novembre 2023 - Rael2012 - CC BY 2.5 - Voir l'historique

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