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RobotHuge monster found in Mongolia

JL G, Pixabay,

The skeleton of an unknown and terrifying monster was discovered by members of the American Natural History Museum during an expedition to Mongolia in 1929.

The skeleton was on a hilltop. Its hind legs were in a ravine while its front legs were still attached to the body. The body was in another ravine 25 feet away.

Scientists did not baptize the creature. In addition, the skeleton was so huge that it was impossible to move.

During this expedition, other prehistoric fossils were found: a unknown mastodon, a prehistoric elephant (which lived about six million years ago), or even the skull of a Titanothera.

Dr Roy Chapman Andrews, leader of the expedition, explains:

"I believe the centre of Asia was the place of origin of animal life as far as the Northern Hemisphere is concerned."

"It was certainly ono of several possible centres of distribution, and, possibly, the greatest of them all."


Cryptozoology - 11 octobre 2020 - Rael2012 - CC-BY 3.0

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