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RobotA mysterious bearman kidnapped a child

Willgard Krause, Pixabay,

A few years ago, a mysterious humanoid creature kidnapped a child in the woods. The poor victim was never seen again. At the time, locals and authorities searched extensively and failed to locate him.

The parents had gone into the woods with their children to pick berries. These woods were located near their homes. After a short moment of inattention, the children disappeared. The panicked parents searched desperately for them.

Alone in the woods, the boy and his little sister encountered a hairy, talkative creature. The monster managed to convince the boy to come play with him. He agreed and the bearman took him with him. It was the last time he was seen alive.

One person, who calls himself "searchandrescuewoods", tells us this unbelievable story:

He and his sister were together, and both of them went missing around the same time. Their parents lost sight of them for a few seconds, and in that time both the kids apparently wandered off. When their parents couldn’t find them, they called us, and we came out to search the area. We found the daughter pretty quickly, and when we asked where her brother was, she told us that he’d been taken away by ‘the bear man.’ She said he gave her berries and told her to stay quiet, that he wanted to play with her brother for a while. The last she saw of her brother, he was riding on the shoulders of ‘the bear man’ and seemed calm. Of course, our first thought was abduction, but we never found a trace of another human being in that area. The little girl was also insistent that he wasn’t a normal man, but that he was tall and covered in hair, ‘like a bear’, and that he had a ‘weird face.’ We searched that area for weeks, it was one of the longest calls I’ve ever been on, but we never found a single trace of that kid.


Cryptozoology - 22 octobre 2020 - Rael2012 - CC-BY 3.0

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