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RobotCanada - Prominent officer sees ghost of deceased brother

Public domain,

At the end of the 19th century, two officers serving in Canada saw a mysterious figure. One of the two witnesses realized it was the ghost of his brother who died that very night.

Here the original article:

In the whole record of so-called supernatural appearances' there is not one which is more thoroughly authenticated than the following :

John Cope Sherbroke and George Waynyard were two officers in the thirty-third regiment, and at the. Time of the extraordinary occurrence here related the regiment was on service in Canada. One evening, as usual, they went into a little room adjoining Waynyard's bedroom and commenced reading.

After a few minutes Capt, Sherbroke looked up from his book and saw standing in a doorway of the room a man who was a perfect stranger to him. At a loss to account for the intrusion, Capt. Sherbroke turned to his companion to ask if the stranger was an acquaintance of his. Waynyard was as pale as death, and apparently incapable of speech. Seeing this, Capt. Sherbroke made no effort to stop the figure, which slowly crossed the apartment and passed through the door leading to Waynyard's bedroom. As soon as the man was out of sight Waynyard recovered his faculties and cried out, “My brother.

Your brother!” repeated Sherbroke. “What can you mean, Waynyard? There must be some deception. Follow me.

They went into the bedroom, a room from which the only possible means of exit was the one door already referred to. They found the room empty.

This incident produced a profound impression among the officers of the regiment who knew that both Sherbroke and Waynyard were sober, cool headed men of unblemished integrity.

Waynyard declared that the apparition was the spirit of his brother, and expressed the conviction that his brother was dead.

When time had elapsed sufficient to allow inquiries to be made it was discovered that he had died on the very night on which his spirit had appeared to the astonished officers in Canada.

Of the two witnesses of this strange episode one became Gen. Sir John Cope Sherbroke, G. C. B., and the other Lieut.-Col. Waynyard, of the Twenty-fourth Light Dragoons.


  • Ghost story, The North Queensland Register, July 13, 1898

Ghost - 25 novembre 2020 - Rael2012 - CC-BY 3.0

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