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RobotA poltergeist scares inhabitants in a village in Malaysia

Khairi Ahmad, CC BY-SA 4.0,

In Malaysia, many villagers are terrified of a ghost that never ceases to torment them. The testimonies are numerous and the mystery remains, to this day, intact.

Sabak is a coastal town in the Sabak Bernam district, Malaysia. For some time now, it has been the scene of paranormal phenomena. The country's media have reported a multitude of incidents that occur there almost daily. Local officials fail to explain what is going on. The police, meanwhile, rule out the possibility that they could be pranksters.

One of the inhabitants, victim of this poltergeist, testifies:

The knocking sound was loud as if someone wanted to get into the house quickly. When I peeked out the window, I did not see who was knocking. A few minutes later, the knock came back and it came from the bathroom in the house. Coincidentally, the bathroom has not been used for a long time, so my whole body shivered and my hair ruffled as soon as I heard the knock.

Muhammad Nazri Saiman, the president of Kampung Batu 37 Darat Village Community Management Council (MPKK) chose to handle this case:

It is understood that almost half of the villagers complained about the incident (knock on the door). I advise them to be careful and not open the door if they hear suspicious sounds.

But what to do when the beatings come from inside the house like Mhd Khairol Anuar Mhd Zaini did?

Disturbingly, these supernatural phenomena have spread to almost all of the neighboring villages.

The authorities noted that the events occurred mainly at night. So they decided to robust patrols in the hope of getting their hands on any jokers.

Some locals believe that these phenomena could be the act of shamans who invoked Penanggalan, evil spirits, in Malay culture.

Others believe it could be the spirit of a recent deceased whose soul is tormented.

Is this a phenomenon of mass hysteria? Are we dealing with a particularly active poltergeist?


Ghost - 4 décembre 2020 - Rael2012 - CC-BY 3.0

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